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1964 Impala LS3 swap


NBA point guard Mo Williams bought this nicely restored ‘64 Impala SS as a cruiser.  The 327 was giving him fits--he loved the body lines but wanted the convenience of a modern drivetrain.  He requested we keep the car stock looking, and from the outside the only changes you’ll see are the Wilwood calipers tucked behind the 15” Tru Spoke wheels and an aluminum radiator hiding behind the grille.  Open the hood, though, and it’s a different story.  That’s an LS3 crate engine bolted to a 4L65E transmission:  430 horsepower and overdrive transmission move the big Impala around like we’d cut a half ton out of the curb weight.  A new compressor and brackets ensured the factory A/C works as it should and we installed a mechanical sender to run the stock speedometer in the dash.  A new driveshaft, all new rear suspension bushings and larger sway bars integrate seamlessly to make the car safer, more predictable and more comfortable.

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