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 Our Capabilities 

We aren’t just a car dealership

At R&H Motor Car Group we sell some of the most awesome cars built but we aren’t your typical dealership. Our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians can handle everything from a burned out headlamps through start-to-finish builds to your specification. If you want a modernized classic car, we can do that. If you need custom fabrication work done, we can do that. If you just want to make your investment shine and sparkle from the inside out, we’ll be honored to do so. But just so you know, we really love Porsches and employ a nationally known Porsche technician on site to make yours the best it can be. So please take a moment and browse our many capabilites because we're much more than just a dealership. 440-914-0000.

Porsche Service

Muscle car Service


Custom Plumbing

Dry Ice Cleaning

Radar/Laser Install

Detailing Services


Race Car Prep

Car Building


Project Gallery

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