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Corvette Supercharger Install


One of our good customers bought this Classic Reflections Coachworks-modified C5 Corvette new, and he loves it.  We got a call after he drove a friend’s C6 Corvette with a supercharger and was immediately hooked...the additional low end torque had him buzzing.  The problem was, the only C5 kits which exist ship with front mounted centrifugal blowers thanks to the stock car’s low hoodline.  We measured the 1962 appearing hood and figured we’d give it a shot.  We chose Edelbrock’s E-Force supercharger for a C6 due to its appearance, OEM level of components and warranty.  We had a few challenges with packaging, mixing C5 and C6 electrical components and fueling but all sorted and tuned the car made more than 120 horsepower and torque than stock which made our customer very happy!

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