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1968 Pontiac Firebird Restoration


A customer requested a color change for his 1968 Firebird. We discovered the left rear corner had been punched in and filled with Bondo rather than straightened properly, and what looked like 50 years worth of parking lot door dings that peppered the sides. The paint was flaking off from most every seam and joint on the car. We sanded the body to bare metal and were quite surprised at how good the body actually was. It needed a few small patches but this was one of the most solid 1960’s convertibles we’ve seen in a while.  We fixed the problems, added an awesome scooped 400ci hood and a ‘69 T/A spoiler, and then spent days making it straight.  The trim was largely replaced, mechanical issues were addressed and the car was buffed and hand finished.  It’s a stunning car from any angle.

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