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1966 Ford Fairlane 427 SOHC Install


This was a cool enough sleeper when it rolled in with its dual quad 390 and four speed setup hiding behind baby blue paint and poverty caps, but then the owner found out we had a vintage 427 SOHC motor lying around.  We measured a few times and got cutting. The shock towers were cut back for clearance, and the shock mounts on top were relocated for clearance.  We made it a bit wider than absolutely necessary in order to service the valves down the road.  We also mounted the brake master cylinder with bolts instead of studs, and we added flex hoses so that it can be unbolted and laid out of the way to remove the rocker cover. Two sets of headers were cut in pieces and rebuilt to run from the exhaust ports, past the new Borgeson power steering chuck and ending at the exhaust system below. The car sits no differently, and while the idle isn’t the same (cammer motors simply sound different) you don’t get a real sense of the change until you’ve wound it past 6500 RPM!

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