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KAESER Rotary Screw Compressor with Integrated Refrigerated Dryer

**** Retail Price New: Over $30,000.00 ****


No issues with this unit. Works great!

Model year: 2011
Model # AS 30T
Part No. 100932.1
Hours used: 760


Air cooling
Transformer Power Supply for Refrigerated Dryer


5' L
4' 2" H
2'8" Deep


CALL:  440-914-0000

ICE/TECH Ice Blast KG50 Dry Ice Blaster

  • Only used 76 hours!

  • Small size: 27.5" L  x  21.6" W  x  35.4" H

  • Weight: 238 lbs

  • Pressure psi: min. 72 - max. 232

  • Power: 110/230 V 800 W

  • Manual included


This blaster uses small CO2, particles as the blasting medium otherwise known as dry ice pellets, think the size of rice. These pellets are blasted onto the object to be cleaned at a very high velocity. On contact with the surface of the object, they immediately change from a solid to a gaseous form as they heat up on impact. Non abrasive cleaning at it's finest.


CALL:  440-914-0000

Brut Pressure Fed Abrasive Sand Blaster

  • Model 150H

  • Includes two hoods shields

  • Good condition!


CALL:  440-914-0000